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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Nature of Self-Empowerment

Self-Empowerment includes: elements of self-exploration, self-awareness & truth, self-love, intuition, healing and creativity. We empower ourselves in many ways. The essence of empowerment comes from the most natural of sources written within our DNA.

More than ever, people are awakening to the essence of self-awareness, truth, love and healing as our world changes and evolves. We are learning that we do not need to look to society's ideals of what it means to be successful or other materialistic worldly gains as a testimony to self-worth and happiness.
Self-worth and happiness is given to us all as a birth right. That alone can create whatever it is we want in life. An illusion of lack managed by a poor economy has forced everyone to awaken to new ways of creating resources through total self-sufficiency. Although having a job is a way to make a living it is not the only way to sustain oneself in this new age. People are discovering that they have the opportunity to create opportunities through their GOD-Given talents and gifts which creates not only a sustainable living but total happiness as they align with their truth and life purpose. We are also remembering that we have the power to heal ourselves through various holistic ways. By becoming aware of our bodies, emotions and mental state, we can transform our lives and those of others.

Knowing yourself and what you want can help to empower your life in many ways. This helps in discovering life purpose, self-healing and growth in relationships. Mind, body and spiritual balance are the keys to divine self-empowerment.

                               © 2013 Latasha Woods

Monday, August 12, 2013

LNW Intuitive Messages: Trust in Love

Trust in divine guidance in regards to self-love and relationships. By dropping defenses with others and embrace self-love you create harmony. Be willing to learn and listen to your emotions as a detection for when to push ahead and when to retreat from a situation. You can not control others or impose on their free will therefore there is no need to act in desperation because you feel that it will restore your own balance. Internal balance is the only way to restore harmony with self and as a result with others. Pay attention to what you feel but don't act in consequence. Trust that those emotions are anchored for change in self and then proceed based on integrity of self.

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                               © 2013 Latasha Woods

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Emotional Freedom

Let go. Fully abandon the crippling emotions that connect to fear. Let go of trying to control outer circumstance. Do not be afraid to soar. As you let go of the emotion, it will affect the mental and physical world, which is reflected through your actions based on choice. The mind helps regulate the emotions through visualization. What many of us must know is that the battle ground begins in the emotions and not the mind or the body. Emotions are the radar for intuition because it resonates with spirit. Know and embrace the emotion. The heart will lead the mind and body. By learning to let go of certain emotions and embracing others for better choices you will always anchor the ability to fly over any circumstance where you once felt the control (the attachment) is needed. Unattach with self-love and embrace self-trust as this becomes emotional freedom that allows spirit to soar over all emotional waters.
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Use your mind and body to think about what you want to experience and physically feel this in the present moment. Acknowledge and observe emotions that are challenging as well as those that are considered positive. This is called self-awareness and it is the greatest tool to getting in touch with how you relate to the world without judgment. Really listen to what these emotions are telling you. Keep the ones that put you in a positive mind state and accept when it does not by allowing it to remind you of what it is that you really want and what needs to evolve in order to obtain it. All emotions, like water, are ever-changing in form. By peering into the deepest depths you can see your true-self reflected.

                  © 2013 Latasha Woods

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quiller: A New Age of Writing Inspiration

The future of writing inspiration goes digital with a new iPad application created by Amy Randolph… and its name is Quiller.  If you are a writer, love journaling or just want to open the doors to personal reflection through writing, then the Quiller application will provide you with access to the deepest depths of the self with an intelligent journal that contains quotes and thoughtful prompts that lead the way through the valleys of inspiration.
For any novice or professional writer this is a dream come true. What I personally find amazing about this application amongst all other digital diaries or notebooks is its ability to reach the core of writing through emotions, while giving additional gleams of insight as you write.

Amy Randolph says, “I developed Quiller in response to a need. Many people want to write about their lives but don’t know how to get started or keep the momentum. Quiller is about accessing complex emotions that can be difficult to describe. Quiller provides direction, encouragement, even insight, to help users capture their experiences in ways that can have a healthy, productive impact on their lives. The additional categories aren’t just there to help journalers address a variety of life’s challenges and personal growth opportunities. We want to put an end to writer’s block once and for all.”

 The major draw of this application that I have not seen anywhere else is that it allows the individual the ability to just dive into the writing, minus the pesky writer’s block. Instead of just plucking blind inspiration from the sky, it is about getting to the heart of the writer without the necessity of an outside muse. Most importantly, this journal is not only a creative experience but also a self-healing one.

Here are some of the main features that Quiller has to offer:

·        Over 1,000 thought-prompts & quotes created by experts and experienced journalers

·        Side-by-side layout with turnable pages like a paper journal

·        4 unique designs

·        Photo uploads to make experiences visual

·        Keyword tracking to find past entries

·        Facebook sharing

·        Downloads into PDF or TXT files

·        iCloud sync ability

·        Password protection

Interested yet? Quiller may be purchased and downloaded here. Currently this application is only available for iPad.

For more info about Quiller, link here:

© 2013 Latasha Woods

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Seeing Through the Shadow into the (Wo)Man in the Mirror

Facing our own truth is the only way to overcome all adversity from within and outside ourselves.

Who are we and what do we really want in this life experience?

The answer lies within our own shadow or hidden selves. There also dwells the characters that we refuse to examine or change. Once we see us for who really are we can begin to change for the better. Peel away the false illusions or facades driven by the ego and come face to face with the shadow self or (wo) man in the mirror, which allows us to see through the world into what is real and important.
Do this by acknowledging the way you interpret the world, and define your dreams and desires.

No one can change another unless they want to change. We are all responsible for our own individual change. The world naturally enfolds to the rhythm of every individual choice.

Break the barriers and surpass false limitations by embracing the truth of self through self-awareness. Once you acknowledge the truth about who you are, all the world's veils become lifted and you are the seer of all truth because it dwells in you.

How can you accomplish this?

Start by trusting your feelings and instincts and recognize not only who you are but where you are and where you really want to be. Also see the greatness in the present and know that you are always whole as an individual and that you always have the choice to be happy. Have faith that there is a blessing behind every situation and circumstance.

Finally, spend time alone away from everyday distractions and just be. What comes to mind, how do you feel, and what inspires you to your core? The answer to these questions can only be found in the real you, the shadow (wo)man in the mirror.

© 2012 Latasha Woods

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Discovering Life Purpose

We live to make a living but we are not making a living to live at the cost of our happiness.

The search for Life Purpose begins with the discovery of Inner Truth. To find Inner Truth we must search within the essence of what brings us joy and helps others along the path.

How do we find something that is not readily visible to us? We begin by looking deeper into the every day, seemingly ordinary events. We look beyond what we would like to happen exactly.... into what makes us happy... even deeper into what makes our souls come alive and soar beyond the world's physical architects of illusion. Start to notice who you are.... I mean who you are at your core. What do you enjoy doing everyday without even getting a thought's permission to contemplate? What comes natural to you? Where are you in your life, where have you been and what are the beings (people, animals, plants) that seem to gravitate to you on a daily basis?

We may all have similar work, routines and responsibility but we are all uniquely favored in our gifts, talents and purpose. Look beyond the ordinary to derive the essence of who you are and what you came here to do.

© 2012 Latasha Woods

Friday, September 7, 2012


Story consists of life experience. It is an outlet used to charge the minds of others. It is pain, pleasure, love, aggression and moral all rolled up into a sequence of events. The characters are players of the story, and ultimately, they are molded from these events.

Not every story has been told. Many stories that are being told through, film, television, literature and even music, has been recycled. There are so many concepts to be acknowledged and stories calling to be given a voice. When we grasp for the unordinary, we obtain more authentic, original and innovative material. Most importantly, every story, no matter how similar, has not been told the same way by two different storytellers. This is the signature voice.

© 2012 Latasha Woods

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