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Saturday, January 7, 2012

On Writing Therapy


Sometimes we all have to take a moment to reflect. We reflect on the past, the present and even the future. One of the most freeing ways to do this self-meditation is through writing. Go into the page without expectations and without judgment. Write what you feel and write what you know. Sometimes while doing this, we surprise ourselves with the inner wisdom that's whispered in our subconscious mind just before quieting our conscious awareness.

The great entertainer and original Catwoman, Eartha Kitt, shares her wisdom experience as a result of reflective writing.
Words of Wisdom from Eartha Kitt

"And, if you trust fate, she's wonderful."

Instead of controlling or trying to go against the hand you are dealt, you must learn to play with what you have by seeing both the advantages and disadvantages of circumstance. When you take the time to mirror the reflection of what we see as negative, the positive begins to surface. By looking through the opposite side, you can see how it fits into that perspective. This is a lesson that primes you for the strength that summons the true essence of who you are.

Instead of thinking that circumstances are working against you, know that circumstances of life are usually for the better, based on those lessons that you need to learn specifically to balance your life at that time. Trust that you are being led exactly where you need to be. Allow yourself to see it through faith.

"Don't fight the life you love to live".

These words are a divine confirmation about life purpose. It makes you realize that it is ok to want what you want and actually obtain it. You know what you want, so go for it regardless of the opposing wills of others and circumstance. Trust your intuition and know that what drives you will ultimately take you to where you really want to be. Love your life by honoring your passion.

 "Keep it simple."

Some say that making life complicated is easy. When you focus on what is important you will find that those complications, just like the path of difficulty, is an unnecessary illusion. Everything is about choice and you always have the choice to make your life as simple as you like by relinquishing unnecessary baggage and worry. Keep your focus on what is important and see everything else for what it is...a temporary chapter within a bigger story.

On what's important: "My sanity. My health. My work."

 Find what is important to you and make every choice for the  benefit of those aspects of your life. In all cases, your peace of mind and your general mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is what outweighs everything. Remember that everything has a purpose and this purpose plays a significant role in your personal development. The way you see circumstances and the way you choose to feel about yourself, will determine the fluidity of your life path. Choose to enjoy it and learn from it, no matter what you are given. Know that your expectations and perspective is the driving force behind your journey. Staying     attuned to what really matters, keeps you grounded.

© 2012 Latasha Woods