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~Intuitive Reading Testimonials~



"I got my reading from Latasha Woods. It was very beautiful and detailed. She covered all aspects of my question, mentioned the details of all cards. I enjoyed so much while going through my reading. She gave me new perspective and the way to look at my situation. Few sentences/wordings mentioned in the reading were very interesting. Overall she did a great job and I strongly recommend her."
~Sarbjit K. on 7/8/2014~

"I was surprised with the results of my reading, which made me more excited after the things she read was right on point, and confirmed exactly what is going on in my energy field. Thank you Latasha Woods."
~Shahara M. on 7/17/2014~

"Latasha always gives beautiful readings that are detailed and on point. Everything she told me during my readings resonates with me so well. I will be using her services again :)"
~Saiedah R. on 8/5/2014~

"I just wanted to say I didn't really believe in this kind of things, but I  gave it a try to see what was it about , and how true it could be. I was up for a manager position that I have been wanting, so I ask her would I get it, and some other things about my life. And would you believe it, it was true couple months later I got the position I was so happy. I couldn't believe it thank you!!!!"
~Sydney S. on 12/21/2014~

 "Latasha is a very insightful reader. She has great instincts, and is an excellent listener. I enjoyed her charming and humble personality on both a personal and professional level. I would, and already have, recommended her to anyone."

~Sarah P. on 2/23/2015~

"I had an unbelievable experience with Ms. Woods. She's a very genuine person who gave me the impression that she truly cares about my well being. Her intuitive reading gave me confirmation, understanding, closure, and motivation for life in general. I have referred her to several of my closest friends and associates. Thank you again sister, God bless"

~Dave P. on 12/7/2015~

"I don't usually write comments, I'm more of a make a call kinda girl. I've been so enlightened and thoroughly pleased with the intuitive readings from Latasha, that I am compelled to comment. The information I received was spot on and as I read it a 2nd time I saw more and realized the honest accuracy of it all. I'm so pleased I did this and look forward to more intuitive, spiritual readings from  Latasha. She's a gem." 
~Olga W. on 3/9/2016~

"This was my first time ever inquiring with a reader of any source but Latasha truly made it an experience to remember. I only spoke with her one time and from there, within 1-2 weeks, she emailed me a reading that truly changed my life! Not in a fairy tale way or just a feel good Latasha confirmed things that were happening and soon to happen.  It truly gave me confirmation and self-confidence to move forward with my life goals. Thanks again. "
~Deshaun M. on 4/4/2016~