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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Emotional Freedom

Let go. Fully abandon the crippling emotions that connect to fear. Let go of trying to control outer circumstance. Do not be afraid to soar. As you let go of the emotion, it will affect the mental and physical world, which is reflected through your actions based on choice. The mind helps regulate the emotions through visualization. What many of us must know is that the battle ground begins in the emotions and not the mind or the body. Emotions are the radar for intuition because it resonates with spirit. Know and embrace the emotion. The heart will lead the mind and body. By learning to let go of certain emotions and embracing others for better choices you will always anchor the ability to fly over any circumstance where you once felt the control (the attachment) is needed. Unattach with self-love and embrace self-trust as this becomes emotional freedom that allows spirit to soar over all emotional waters.
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Use your mind and body to think about what you want to experience and physically feel this in the present moment. Acknowledge and observe emotions that are challenging as well as those that are considered positive. This is called self-awareness and it is the greatest tool to getting in touch with how you relate to the world without judgment. Really listen to what these emotions are telling you. Keep the ones that put you in a positive mind state and accept when it does not by allowing it to remind you of what it is that you really want and what needs to evolve in order to obtain it. All emotions, like water, are ever-changing in form. By peering into the deepest depths you can see your true-self reflected.

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