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~Holistic Healing~

                        The Nature of Self-Empowerment
                                                 Photo By Latasha N. Woods

Self-Empowerment includes: elements of self-exploration, self-awareness & truth, self-love, intuition, healing and creativity. We empower ourselves in many ways. The essence of empowerment comes from the most natural of sources written within our DNA.

More than ever, people are awakening to the essence of self-awareness, truth, love and healing as our world changes and evolves. We are learning that we do not need to look to society's ideals of what it means to be successful or other materialistic worldly gains as a testimony to self-worth and happiness.
Self-worth and happiness is given to us all as a birth right. That alone can create whatever it is we want in life. An illusion of lack managed by a poor economy has forced everyone to awaken to new ways of creating resources through total self-sufficiency. Although having a job is a way to make a living it is not the only way to sustain oneself in this new age. People are discovering that they have the opportunity to create opportunities through their GOD-Given talents and gifts which creates not only a sustainable living but total happiness as they align with their truth and life purpose. We are also remembering that we have the power to heal ourselves through various holistic ways. By becoming aware of our bodies, emotions and mental state, we can transform our lives and those of others.

Knowing yourself and what you want can help to empower your life in many ways. This helps in discovering life purpose, self-healing and growth in relationships. Mind, body and spiritual balance are the keys to divine self-empowerment.

                               © 2013 Latasha N. Woods

                                Color Therapy & Meaning

                                                    Photo By Cohdra

There is more to colors than meets the eye. Like each of us, it inhabits multidimensional qualities, and as you observe closer, it adds meaning to what we see and create around us. Each color has the ability to evoke an emotion and facilitate a healing within by seeing outside ourselves.

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                             © 2012 Latasha N. Woods

                            Strengthening Your Intuition

                                               Photo By PSchubert

Intuition is a gift to us all. It is a feeling, a whisper, a dream, and the presence of all five senses in various places. It is always with you and ready to give you messages when you are ready to quite your mind and listen.

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                                                 © 2012 Latasha N. Woods


                   Creative Therapy: Co-Create Your Life


"Be the change you want to see," is a very wise saying that encourages us to go about living and co-creating our lives to match our desires. By doing this we must actively create the changes that we want to see. Allow yourself to not only see this but feel it, smell it, and hear it. Apply all senses to the possibility.

Daily visualizations or day dreams can be beneficial to co-create your desired outcome. Allow yourself to play your ideal situation in your mind as if you were watching a movie. Nothing is too outrageous!

Start by speaking into existence all that you want to progress in your life. You don't necessarily have to say this to anyone but yourself. Or if you choose, tell the world the way you see your life and watch how the reality unfolds the more you talk about it. It is not delusional to speak things into existence. the more you speak it as it is, the more you allow yourself to take those active steps to breath life into the reality.

Write your goals as if they are already achieved. Mentally, this is a subconscious ritual to transform your conscious actions into the tangible reality. As you write, feel the experience in the present as if it were already so.

Imagery Art
Draw a picture. Collect a collage. Take pictures of something that you would like to have. As you journal about what you want, where you want to be and achieving your dreams in the present, bring it to life with pictures, drawing and other visuals to look at everyday.

The greatest benefits of co-creating your life through creative arts and writing therapy includes: self-discovery, healing, creativity, freedom of expression, and solutions.

Keep in mind that as we discover ourselves in every moment in the present, this is liable to change our vision for the future. Either way, change begins by showing gratitude for what is to come. We are all the co-creators of our inner and outer transformations and life evolutions.

               © 2011 Latasha N. Woods

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons