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                             Quiller: A New Age of Writing Inspiration

The future of writing inspiration goes digital with a new iPad application created by Amy Randolph… and its name is Quiller. If you are a writer, love journaling or just want to open the doors to personal reflection through writing, then the Quiller application will provide you with access to the deepest depths of the self with an intelligent journal that contains quotes and thoughtful prompts that lead the way through the valleys of inspiration.

For any novice or professional writer this is a dream come true. What I personally find amazing about this application amongst all other digital diaries or notebooks is its ability to reach the core of writing through emotions, while giving additional gleams of insight as you write.

Amy Randolph says, “I developed Quiller in response to a need. Many people want to write about their lives but don’t know how to get started or keep the momentum. Quiller is about accessing complex emotions that can be difficult to describe. Quiller provides direction, encouragement, even insight, to help users capture their experiences in ways that can have a healthy, productive impact on their lives. The additional categories aren’t just there to help journalers address a variety of life’s challenges and personal growth opportunities. We want to put an end to writer’s block once and for all.”

 The major draw of this application that I have not seen anywhere else is that it allows the individual the ability to just dive into the writing, minus the pesky writer’s block. Instead of just plucking blind inspiration from the sky, it is about getting to the heart of the writer without the necessity of an outside muse. Most importantly, this journal is not only a creative experience but also a self-healing one.

 Here are some of the main features that Quiller has to offer:

· Over 1,000 thought-prompts & quotes created by experts and experienced journalers

· Side-by-side layout with turnable pages like a paper journal

· 4 unique designs

· Photo uploads to make experiences visual

· Keyword tracking to find past entries

· Facebook sharing

· Downloads into PDF or TXT files

· iCloud sync ability

· Password protection

Interested yet? Quiller may be purchased and downloaded here. Currently this application is only available for iPad.

For more info about Quiller, link here:

©2013 Latasha N. Woods



Story consists of life experience. It is an outlet used to charge the minds of others. It is pain, pleasure, love, aggression and moral all rolled up into a sequence of events. The characters are players of the story, and ultimately, they are molded from these events.

Not every story has been told. Many stories that are being told through, film, television, literature and even music, has been recycled. There are so many concepts to be acknowledge and stories calling to be given a voice. When we grasp for the unordinary, we obtain more authentic, original and innovative material. Most importantly, every story, no matter how similar, has not been told the same way by two different storytellers. This is the signature voice.

© 2012 Latasha N. Woods

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                                 The Art of Dance Styles

File:CF46618267 109996904033.gif
                                  Photo Video Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dance is a language that has evolved all around the world. It is a language that every body speaks. In every form, there is culture and artistic freedom explored through movement of the human body. Some of these movements are reflections of the movements within and through nature. The styles are endless, yet still I sought to explore some of the most popular styles by compiling a piece that lists these various forms as a reference for dance enthusiasts.

Check out my article on The Art of Dance Styles

                                              © 2012 Latasha N. Woods

                            Elements of Horror 101 & 102

Horror. The word itself brings a chill down the spine. Horror in literature and film has been an undeniable addiction that feeds the human's craving and curiosity of the unusual and the unknown. It spans many genres from classic monsters to mayhem in ordinary places. Dare to walk the path of the dark-side? Take a crash course in Horror 101 & Horror 102.
                                 © 2012 Latasha N. Woods

                               Prince: The Artist in Film

Film and music go hand and hand. Prince, one of the most notable artists of all time has successfully brought his music to life on the big screen with stories of love, life, and of course, the power of music to restore and liven the worlds of everyday people. His music is timeless and his films are just another outlet... a time capsule even, in which to frame his original, influential sound which continues to thrive through the ears and hearts of all music lovers.

       Creative Wellness Through The Arts & Entertainment

Creative Wellness is in every way an essential exercise in activating all aspects of ourselves so that we are in harmony with our life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The road to wellness starts with an intention. This intention is fed to the mind by imagining a more healthier and successful accumulation of our dreams and desires. Through creative arts therapy and many forms of relaxation, we can begin to purge our inhibitions and doubts by freeing our imaginations to the possibility through visualization, writing, dance, music, drama, arts and other creative forms.

The arts & entertainment world provides us with this escape as we view the kaleidoscope of art through an outlet which speaks to our subconscious selves personified through music, film, writing, dance and other creative arts. Whether you choose to indulge in an alternate reality escape through film, video games or journaling, it all helps us to acknowledge the subconscious need for creative freedom and enjoyment. A window of creative adventure is always available, whether you are a spectator or the creator. This creativity is fed from inspiration based on what gives us joy. By creating, you give emotions, experiences and ideas a playground to roam, thus freeing us from a seemingly limited reality where all the world is a stage. As we create and explore ourselves in these ways, all is possible.

© 2011 Latasha N. Woods

GOD'S Poem

An Inspirational Poem Honoring GOD, The Great Spirit

The Great Spirit
Calls Within
The Infinite Wisdom
Embodies Greatness for All
Always Forgiving
Lending Grace
As Higher Self Stands Tall
The Great Spirit
All Knowing
Summoning Us
We Hear the Call
Love & Strength
Pulling Me Closer
To Eternal Goodness
& Enduring Faith

I Honor You Always

                   © 2011 Latasha N. Woods

Photo Courtesy: Jim Munnelly

Dance Spirit

An Ode to the Spirit of Dance

                       I Move with the Tune
of Inspiration
A Sound Innately
Built in My Soul
My Body
The Instrument
Movements Infinite
This Body's Vocabulary
Articulating the World
Transmitting from Experience
The Spirit Calling
To Move
Dancing the Sounds
of Hip-Hop, Ballet, Modern, Jazz
The Ancients
with the Fusion
of Movements taken Elsewhere
Articulating from
Every Step
used to Flow through this
Smooth or Rough
Soft or Hard
Fast or Slow
Flowing or Stiff
I Speak All the Languages
Hoping to Contact
And Flow with the Other Spirits
Mutually or Aggressively
Together or Apart
No matter how
This is My Art
GOD-Given Dancer Spirit
Driven from the Passionate Heart

                   © 2011 Latasha N. Woods

Photo Courtesy: Sorayui