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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Nature of Self-Empowerment

Self-Empowerment includes: elements of self-exploration, self-awareness & truth, self-love, intuition, healing and creativity. We empower ourselves in many ways. The essence of empowerment comes from the most natural of sources written within our DNA.

More than ever, people are awakening to the essence of self-awareness, truth, love and healing as our world changes and evolves. We are learning that we do not need to look to society's ideals of what it means to be successful or other materialistic worldly gains as a testimony to self-worth and happiness.
Self-worth and happiness is given to us all as a birth right. That alone can create whatever it is we want in life. An illusion of lack managed by a poor economy has forced everyone to awaken to new ways of creating resources through total self-sufficiency. Although having a job is a way to make a living it is not the only way to sustain oneself in this new age. People are discovering that they have the opportunity to create opportunities through their GOD-Given talents and gifts which creates not only a sustainable living but total happiness as they align with their truth and life purpose. We are also remembering that we have the power to heal ourselves through various holistic ways. By becoming aware of our bodies, emotions and mental state, we can transform our lives and those of others.

Knowing yourself and what you want can help to empower your life in many ways. This helps in discovering life purpose, self-healing and growth in relationships. Mind, body and spiritual balance are the keys to divine self-empowerment.

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