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Friday, December 2, 2011

Creative Therapy: Co-Create Your Life


"Be the change you want to see," is a very wise saying that encourages us to go about living and co-creating our lives to match our desires. By doing this we must actively create the changes that we want to see. Allow yourself to not only see this but feel it, smell it, and hear it. Apply all senses to the possibility.

Daily visualizations or day dreams can be beneficial to co-create your desired outcome. Allow yourself to play your ideal situation in your mind as if you were watching a movie. Nothing is too outrageous!

Start by speaking into existence all that you want to progress in your life. You don't necessarily have to say this to anyone but yourself. Or if you choose, tell the world the way you see your life and watch how the reality unfolds the more you talk about it. It is not delusional to speak things into existence. the more you speak it as it is, the more you allow yourself to take those active steps to breath life into the reality.

Write your goals as if they are already achieved. Mentally, this is a subconscious ritual to transform your conscious actions into the tangible reality. As you write, feel the experience in the present as if it were already so.

Imagery Art
Draw a picture. Collect a collage. Take pictures of something that you would like to have. As you journal about what you want, where you want to be and achieving your dreams in the present, bring it to life with pictures, drawing and other visuals to look at everyday.

The greatest benefits of co-creating your life through creative arts and writing therapy includes: self-discovery, healing, creativity, freedom of expression, and solutions.

Keep in mind that as we discover ourselves in every moment in the present, this is liable to change our vision for the future. Either way, change begins by showing gratitude for what is to come. We are all the co-creators of our inner and outer transformations and life evolutions.

© 2011 Latasha Woods

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons