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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quiller: A New Age of Writing Inspiration

The future of writing inspiration goes digital with a new iPad application created by Amy Randolph… and its name is Quiller.  If you are a writer, love journaling or just want to open the doors to personal reflection through writing, then the Quiller application will provide you with access to the deepest depths of the self with an intelligent journal that contains quotes and thoughtful prompts that lead the way through the valleys of inspiration.
For any novice or professional writer this is a dream come true. What I personally find amazing about this application amongst all other digital diaries or notebooks is its ability to reach the core of writing through emotions, while giving additional gleams of insight as you write.

Amy Randolph says, “I developed Quiller in response to a need. Many people want to write about their lives but don’t know how to get started or keep the momentum. Quiller is about accessing complex emotions that can be difficult to describe. Quiller provides direction, encouragement, even insight, to help users capture their experiences in ways that can have a healthy, productive impact on their lives. The additional categories aren’t just there to help journalers address a variety of life’s challenges and personal growth opportunities. We want to put an end to writer’s block once and for all.”

 The major draw of this application that I have not seen anywhere else is that it allows the individual the ability to just dive into the writing, minus the pesky writer’s block. Instead of just plucking blind inspiration from the sky, it is about getting to the heart of the writer without the necessity of an outside muse. Most importantly, this journal is not only a creative experience but also a self-healing one.

Here are some of the main features that Quiller has to offer:

·        Over 1,000 thought-prompts & quotes created by experts and experienced journalers

·        Side-by-side layout with turnable pages like a paper journal

·        4 unique designs

·        Photo uploads to make experiences visual

·        Keyword tracking to find past entries

·        Facebook sharing

·        Downloads into PDF or TXT files

·        iCloud sync ability

·        Password protection

Interested yet? Quiller may be purchased and downloaded here. Currently this application is only available for iPad.

For more info about Quiller, link here:

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